Weekly Check-Ups

In any given lawn season, there are a large variety of unpredictable issues that can impact the quality of your lawn. Those problems can pop up at any time and they rarely provide notice. In order to spot these issues before they become a problem, we can schedule to have a Certified Turfgrass Professional visit your property on a scheduled basis in-between the regular application visits. This additional attention will enable us to stay ahead of the less predictable problems before they arise. Critically, we can also tweak your irrigation system up or down each week in order to avoid over-watering or under-watering; 2 of the most common causes for lawn problems.

Proper home lawn maintenance is a very complex challenge. It requires a balanced nutrition program (which we provide) and a strategic pest control program (also provided by us). It also includes a variety of cultural strategies. We perform some of these like aeration and seeding. But others are either left up to you or a landscaping service, like mowing & leaf cleanups. Then there are the difficult but critical factors like soil type, temperature, humidity, sun vs. shade and water.

Many of these factors are out of our control, but Teed & Brown is uniquely qualified to help you in ways that other companies cannot. True Turfgrass experts are hard to come by and they rightfully command a high salary to compete with career opportunities at country clubs or professional sports fields. Believe it or not, most lawn care companies don’t have any experts on staff. Teed & Brown has several, and these are the people we can send out to examine your lawn.

To find out more about scheduling these additional visits, please contact us at the link below. We can discuss your needs and provide a price quote for however many additional visits you would like. The price for these checkups is less than a regular service price since we aren’t applying materials.

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