2018 Summer is HERE!

It’s hot today. We’ve had a few warm days this season, but today is really going to get uncomfortable and hot. Summer is here and there’s much more of the same on the way. But unfortunately, heat isn’t our only problem. It’s also really dry. The forecast for this upcoming week is mostly hot (though cooling a bit by the end of the week) and just a slight chance of some rain in the early parts of the week. Below is a lawn picture that was just taken yesterday. This lawn is dry, wilting and browning out. Without irrigation, this will only get browner and weaker, quickly.

Drought Stress

If you do have irrigation and are allowed to use it, please give the lawn a good soak today, preferably an hour per section. If you are in a town with Aquarion water restrictions, below is the schedule for watering. Even numbered addresses should water this Wednesday and odd numbered addresses should water tomorrow, Tuesday.

Even numbered address: Sunday and Wednesday, BEFORE 10:00 am or AFTER 6:00 pm.

Odd numbered address: Saturday and Tuesday, BEFORE 10:00 am or AFTER 6:00 pm.

How to fight the heat: MOW LONGER! Lawns mowed at 3+ inches this time of year will do significantly better than lawns mowed below that. For more information on proper mowing, please read on here:

Wetting Agents: :Let us know if you’d like to add wetting agents into your plan. These can help significantly with water management in the soil. See video below.

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