It’s getting rough… (July 11, 2018)

July 11, 2018 Weather Update

The above image was taken in my car as I left work yesterday afternoon (July 10, 2018). The car was in a parking lot so it was hotter than a nearby shady, grassed area might be. But this is exactly the situation that some of your grass is suffering in. Have you noticed browning grass near the driveways or walkways? That’s likely due to radiant heat from the concrete and asphalt surfaces. The soil dries out and the grass burns up. See image below.

But the recent hot, dry spell has a lot of lawns burning up and drying out. We’re seeing a lot of brown and it’s almost exclusively due to heat and dry weather.


If you can, please try to water the lawn deeply a few times between now and next week! Though it is still in the long range forecast, we are expecting some rain next week that will hopefully help out, but your lawn could very well brown out significantly between now and then. Once it does, it takes more than a few rains to get it back into the green. 

If you cannot water (due to restrictions or simple inability), don’t worry too much. The grass is just going dormant and will bounce back eventually when the weather becomes more favorable. This is the time of year when we expect things to suffer a bit due to weather related stress but it WILL look better.

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