Autumn Drought of 2019

09/24/2019 Weather Update

Depending on where you live, you may have had a nice bit of rain last night, which is great! But through most of CT and NY, things have been bone dry for the past 2 weeks. This is rough for your lawn and even worse for new seed. And sadly, the weather forecast for the upcoming week is not showing any relief in sight.

The Good News: Any grass that has recently turned brown through lack of water is not dead. It WILL bounce back once it gets some water on a regular basis. Any seed in your lawn is also just fine, but it won’t start growing until it too has been watered regularly.

The Bad News: If you don’t have an irrigation system that has been running regularly, you’re probably seeing the results now. If you CAN get water on the lawn, now’s the time to do it! Please make sure your system is set to water as much as you legally can. If you cannot water, then we’ll just need to ride this out and look forward to rains. While they aren’t in the short-term forecast, they’ll get here eventually and things will start looking good again.

How To Water: Back in July, we put up a video explaining that it gets harder and harder to water the right amount as the temperatures get hotter. Well, things aren’t that hot anymore, so you have a LOT more leeway! If you have been watering and things are looking good, please just keep up what you are doing. If you haven’t been watering and you want to start, just try to put out as much water as you can. Now that temperatures are in the 60 – 75 range, it’s very hard to overwater.

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