The T&B Weekly Lawn Weather Report: 7.17.20

After the dire drought of June, July has been much friendlier. We have had a pretty good amount of rain and while some days have been sauna-like, the temperatures have remained mostly bearable. This has resulted in a lot of new greening in those areas that had browned out just a few weeks back.

But while June’s challenges were very much drought related, July is about to throw us a serious heat test. The next few days promise to be tropical and not in a fun, umbrella drink kind of way. We’re expecting heat indexes around 100 degrees which is just too much for the lawns in CT and NY. Grasses in the northeast are just not suited to Florida-like temperatures, which is why they aren’t used down south. And while the lawn can generally tolerate the heat for short spells, 3 days may start to have an impact. We’re expecting that things will dip down into less painful territory by mid-next week, but you never know what nature will bring. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed.

We recommend that you keep watering however you have been already. Don’t try to counteract excess heat with lots of extra water. While heat and drought are related issues, they aren’t the same. So while sufficient water is necessary, lots of water will only compound the problem.

Stay cool and safe this weekend! Thanks for tuning in.

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