All you need to know about Nutsedge

Nutsedge can be a particularly annoying, but ultimately harmless weed. The seed itself is very airborne and grows very quickly, typically in patches and has a light green, spindly appearance. One or two days after mowing the lawn, you will see it spring forth, almost mocking you in an attempt to break up the aesthetic uniformity.

Prevention of Nutsedge is very difficult, but it can be reasonably controlled with a season long game of whack a mole. Whenever it springs up, we can knock it down with a selective, specialty herbicide. And once the cool, fall weather sets in, it naturally subsides anyway.

Some annual weeds like crabgrass can actually devastate a lawn by taking over and crowding out the better grass varieties. When this happens, the crabgrass dies off in the winter leaving behind large, completely bare areas of lawn. Luckily, Nutsedge does not do this. It springs up in between the grass blades and is merely a bit of a visual nuisance temporarily.


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