At Teed & Brown, we are focused on quality lawn care and the highest customer service.

As with every service, the difference is in the details. Teed & Brown follows the “Integrated Pest Management” or IPM philosophy of lawn care. This method is designed to address the underlying issues affecting the lawn and its overall health. By relieving soil compaction, aerating the lawn, reducing the thatch layer, adding appropriate varieties of grass to the individual lawn, adjusting pH and providing advice on proper mowing and watering, we can create optimal conditions for healthy, strong grass, thereby reducing the dependence on chemicals.

Where chemicals are needed we abide by the highest lawn care standards in Connecticut. They are used in quantities just sufficient to get the problem under control. We don’t try to eradicate every insect from a lawn. We do try to reduce the populations of problem insects to a level where the lawn can withstand them without visible stress. In following this philosophy, we use only the highest quality fertilizers and pest control products.

After each lawn care service, the walkways and driveways are cleaned of any stray pellets, the bare spots are reseeded, and the invoice is professionally presented along with a “T&B Lawn Update” to explain what was done and why. These extra touches are what truly separate us as a business that cares about our clients.

As a client, you want to know what you are paying for. Teed & Brown professionals take the time to explain even the scientific stuff in easy-to-understand terms. We have created two valuable tools to keep our clients informed and educated about the lawn care services we perform, trends in lawn care and what they can do to keep their lawn looking incredible. The T&B Lawn Care Update is left after each service to explain what was done.


It’s impossible to pinpoint one element. A healthy lawn is the result of a combination of factors. It’s a complex puzzle, and in order to see the beauty of the full picture, we need to focus on each piece individually.