Hot, Dry, Brown August in Connecticut

In the lawn care business in the Northeast, August is considered to be the flipside of winter. Just as your lawn looks thin, brown and weak due to the cold of the winter, so does it often look lousy due to the heat of August. Brown lawns and brown patches abound and heat-loving weeds like crabgrass and spurge thrive just as your grass is at its weakest. But the good news is that fall is just around the corner and things will start looking vibrant again soon.

There are probably nearly 100 possible reasons why your lawn, or sections of it will turn brown during this time of year. We spend a lot of time educating our employees about those causes, but there are many that we cannot effectively address. To watch a recent class session on two of these known as “Hot Spots” and “Localized Dry Spots,” just click on the video below.


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