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Annual Bluegrass

About Annual Bluegrass

Annual Bluegrass (also known by its Latin name Poa Annua) is a type of grass that is more often misunderstood as a weed. In the spring, it produces a lot of seed, even below normal mowing heights while most grasses need to grow long to produce seed. That seed has a pale, fuzzy, whitish appearance that really takes over a lawn when present. This usually looks like a weed infestation. Luckily, it’s not! It’s just a lot of grass seed. And in a few weeks, that seed will drop off the plant, and the grass will go back to looking normal again.

Annual Bluegrass is very common in lawns and generally looks pretty good, but interestingly, you can’t buy its seed if you wanted to!

So any annual bluegrass in your lawn was put there by Mother Nature.