Slime Mold

Slime mold is a disgusting sounding, but relatively mild “disease” that we’ll see in lawns from time to time.

Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is a mat-forming summer annual weed that is common in turfgrass. It survives on dry or sandy, low nutrient soil and on compacted or disturbed sites.

Sorrel, Red

Red sorrel is a perennial weed that is common in turfgrass. It is often found on, but not limited to, acid soils and areas with poor drainage,

Snow Mold

Snow mold is a disease that affects most turf species in the northeast. Patches form and can be problematic in areas with extended periods of cool,


Removing too much of the turfgrass canopy at one cutting can often cause stress and plant death. This is typically a problem in uneven landscapes.

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