Knotweed, Prostrate

Prostrate knotweed is a summer annual with prostrate to ascending, branching stems. It is a weed of turfgrass, most often found on hard compacted

Seed Growth Tip

Grass seed can be frustrating. The fastest growing seed usually results in the lowest quality lawn. Better quality lawns generally come from very slow growing grass seed. While the early stages [...]


Henbit is a winter annual common in disturbed or thinned areas. Your lawn can be treated to remove the henbit. The best way to help prevent weeds is to

Honey Bees

Honey bees are an extremely important part of our environment and are responsible for pollinating plants around the world. Unfortunately, honey bees have been


Grubs are the larvae of several species of beetle that are present in the landscape. During the summer months the beetles lay their eggs in the soil.

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