T&B 1 Min Tip: Thatch

Many types of grass have lateral stems that help it spread. In fact, that’s what makes sod possible by holding all the grass plants together in a natural net! But over time, these stems can build [...]

T&B 1 Min Tip: Rocks in your lawn

A lot of things can wreak havoc on your lawn in the heat of the summer. One of the most common is simple rocks or ledge near the surface. The rocks prevent the grass from developing a healthy [...]

T&B 1 Min Tip: Summer Grass Length

Golf courses and sports field look impressive with the tight, short mowing. But if you want a healthy lawn, you need to maintain it at a much higher height of cut, 3.5 inches being the ideal. [...]

T&B 1 Min Tip: Water Wedge

As it gets hotter, your lawn needs more water. But unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. As temperatures increase, it becomes drastically more difficult to get the correct amount of [...]

T&B 1 Min Tip: Got Mushrooms?

After a few rains and just the right weather conditions, it’s common to look out and find your lawn full of mushrooms along with the grass. But is that anything to worry about? NO! [...]

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