The 2017 Fall Drought Continues

While we’ve been getting the occasional teasing showers over the past few weeks, this fall has by and large been extremely dry. If you’ve had parts of your lawn seeded, that seed [...]

07/19/2017 Morning Meeting

Grab a cup of coffee! Join us! One of the ways Teed & Brown stays a few steps ahead of the competition is via our morning meetings. While our competitors are largely chasing their men out the [...]

Wetting Agents… The New Tool?

The summer of 2016 was rough, no question. It was hot AND it was dry. Only lawns with strong irrigation systems actually did well. Without sufficient water, does the lawn have any hope? Yes and [...]

The Crabgrass Graveyard

During a recent conference, I came across this site. At first glance, it may look as though the brown areas were seeded and a hay mulch was spread on top. On closer inspection though, it’s [...]

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