2018 Summer is HERE!

It’s hot today. We’ve had a few warm days this season, but today is really going to get uncomfortable and hot. Summer is here and there’s much more of the same on the way. But [...]

Teed & Brown University, May 2018

While April – May are extremely hectic months for us here at Teed & Brown, we still maintained a relatively steady schedule of training and education. Now that we enter the summer [...]

Congrats to Mike Hermsdorff!

Mike has been a valued Teed & Brown employee for many years, but he recently started taking college level coursework towards a Turfgrass Science degree via the Penn State World Campus. His [...]

04-26-18 Grass Seed Status Update

Now’s the time of year when you may find yourself getting frustrated with the seeding work on your lawn. With very few exceptions, we’re not seeing any growth at all yet. There are 2 [...]

The Crabgrass Cycle

We’re out there busy applying the first round treatments of the season, one of which is a crabgrass preventer. As we do this now, it’s good to reflect on WHY we are trying to stop it. [...]

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