05-17-2017: Watering New Seed

The spring is gradually fading into the background as weather warms noticeably! This is going to have two, somewhat competing effects on any new grass seed that may have been planted. Warmer [...]

Control of Spring Lawn Weeds

Weeds vs. Grass Lawns in the Northeast are in a never ending battle against lawn weeds. Some are a simple nuisance that can be handled with a quick application of a selective weed control [...]

Wetting Agents… The New Tool?

The summer of 2016 was rough, no question. It was hot AND it was dry. Only lawns with strong irrigation systems actually did well. Without sufficient water, does the lawn have any hope? Yes and [...]

Happy Autumn!

Autumn leaves in New England can sure be beautiful, as long as they’re on the trees! Once they fall though, they start building up a deadly mat, blocking off sunlight and smothering the [...]

After Seeding Care

Fall is the best time of year to seed new lawns. There are some important “After Seeding” care tips for you to follow in order to get the most out of the seed planted in your lawn. [...]

08/08/16 Summer Pains

As with most seasons, we’re at that time of year when lawns aren’t looking or feeling their best. At many homes, “green & lush” has been replaced with “brown [...]

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