Stage 1

Building on your current level of experience, we sit down to analyze areas that need to be worked on. Sales, networking, continuing education, and business planning are all a part of getting the ball rolling on your new career. As a current professional, this stage may be relatively quick and easy, depending on your dedication and organization. When all the goals are achieved, you move to stage 2.


Stage 2 – Supervisor

You will be running a vehicle and a territory, getting to know customers and their needs. You will also have the opportunity to continue your education, even working towards a higher degree or certification than what you currently have. At Teed & Brown, we invest heavily into continuing education and we would encourage and expect you to take full advantage of that opportunity as well. During this stage, we really start identifying where your interests lie and help you work towards achievement of those goals.


Stage 3 – Senior Supervisor

As a Senior Supervisor, you begin taking on more and more responsibility for running part of the business. You’ll be interacting with clients, selling, scheduling services, managing employees, and learning many other aspects of overall business management. As the business grows, we will be training and encouraging you to take on new challenges and identify a part of the business that you have a particular passion for. Sales management, product design and purchasing, operational strategy, customer relations, marketing, Agronomics, continuing education, data analysis, are just a few of the many areas where we’ll have need for reliable, competent leadership. Where would YOU like to be?


Stage 4 – Leadership

Now you begin truly taking over a part of the business and showing us what you can do. Only the truly exceptional among you will make it here. Do you have what it takes?

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