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About Aeration

Aerating the lawn on a regular basis is the single biggest step to maintaining a healthy lawn. It should be performed at least once a year, and in some cases, twice a year. Aeration helps to reduce compaction and thatch build-up in the soil by removing cores of soil and leaving small holes in the lawn. The holes allow better penetration of water, air and nutrients into the root zone of your lawn. The result of this increased infiltration is a deeper-rooted, healthier, more vigorous lawn!

Core aerating is part of our annual program and can be performed in the spring and fall. During the spring, the idea is to aerate areas that are shady and need help filling in before the leaves on the trees have a chance to fill out. In the fall, we recommend aerating the entire property with a major focus on the sunny areas. This helps to recover from the summer stresses as well as prepare the lawn for the upcoming winter season. We strongly recommend this service to be done every year, and in heavily thatched lawns to be performed twice a year.