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Who We Are

We are experts who use our knowledge of turf science to tailor the right plan to keep your lawn healthy

What We Offer

Our background is in golf course care, and we bring that same level of quality to your lawn, investing in the training and education of our teams, so you can trust your lawn is always in good hands.

Customer Care

But lawn care isn’t just cultivating healthy lawns – it’s also about taking care of your customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and customer service – both in our offices and in the field.

Our History

We’ve been serving the homes of Connecticut, New York & New Jersey for over 20 years, and our reputation is important to us. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your lawn is the best it can be.


Peter Teed


Peter began his career in lawn care at 18 when he joined a National Lawn Fertilizer Corporation as a lawn service technician. He began learning the science of lawn care from a co-worker with an Agronomy degree and never looked back, getting hands-on experience of different types of soil, grass and the proper applications for both. But Peter’s true calling is working with people – meeting and speaking with clients and was #1 salesman in the country for 7 years before starting his own business with Christopher Brown. Today he serves in a more managerial position but still maintains his connection to the lawn care operations and interfacing with clients. When he’s not in the office or out seeing customers, his favorite place to be is relaxing on his boat.


Christopher Brown


Christopher’s journey to becoming an expert in turf science started as a summer job in high school working at the Woodway Country Club in Darien. He pursued it as a career, graduating from Penn State’s Turfgrass Science program and starting his own company with Peter Teed. He has continued his education while managing and growing the business, completing his MBA at NYU Stern School of Business and a Masters in Turfgrass Management through Penn State’s online program. He’s a frequent guest speaker at universities and conferences to talk about the opportunities for Turfgrass professionals in the home lawn care space. He spends his time out of work with his wife of 20+ years, Rachel.


Chad Anderson

Chief Operating Officer/Agronomist

Chad has been with Teed & Brown since 2014. A graduate from State University of New York with a bachelor's in Technology, Turfgrass Management and an Associates in Applied Science, Turfgrass Management. He worked for 13 years in the golf course management industry as a Golf Course Superintendent. He is a Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor. When Chad is not out on in the field you can find him spending time with his family or restoring and playing with antique tractors.


Kathleen Marra

Marketing Director

Kat has been with Teed & Brown since 2019. She is the creative brain behind the operation. She graduated with a BS in Business Administration (Interactive Marketing) with a minor in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University. Kat is also the artist behind KDM Kreations. In her spare time, you can find her outdoors, in the gym or creating a brand-new art piece.


Richard Dove

Office Manager - Lawncare Branch

Richard started his journey at Teed & Brown in 2016. He graduated from the University of New Haven with a degree in Criminal Justice (Investigative Services). Rich started as a Field Technician at Teed & Brown and quickly transitioned to working in the office. Outside of work Richard likes to spend time with his wife and twin daughters. He also enjoys collecting the best bourbon he can find.


Mike Hermsdorff

Operations Manager Team 2

Mike has been with Teed & Brown since 2012. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Agronomy/Turfgrass Science from Penn State University and is already a Certified Lawn Care Manager through the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Mike loves spending his time out of work with his family, playing golf and woodworking (he also has a carpentry background).


Edwin (JR) Grimm

Operations Manager Team 1

JR has been at Teed & Brown since 2014. He is pursuing his passion for lawn care through getting a degree in Turfgrass Science at Penn State University and is already a Certified Lawn Care Manager through the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Outside of work, JR is a big Rangers fan and loves to cook for his family and friends.


Stephen Hallock

Operations Manager Team 3

Stephen joined Teed & Brown in 2019. He graduated with a BS in Business Administration at Eastern Connecticut State University. He has completed coursework at the Great Lakes School of Turfgrass Science: Grounds Edition. He also is a Certified Lawn Care Manager through the National Association of Landscape Professionals. During his free time, you can find Stephen at the gym, on his bike or enjoying more of the outdoors.


Jay Woodring

Recruitment Director/Assistant Operations Manager Team 2

Jay started at Teed & Brown in March of 2020. He spent 20 years doing high-end country club golf course management. He has a bachelor’s degree in Turf Science and a Master’s in Professional Studies in Turf Management from Penn State University. Jay loves hiking, camping, kayaking, backyard fires, golfing and watching the stars on a clear night.


Kevin Johnson

Assistant Operations Manager Team 1

Kevin joined Teed & Brown in 2017. He loves how his job keeps him outdoors working with people he enjoys. Kevin is also a Certified Turfgrass Manager from the University of Georgia and is already a Certified Lawn Care Manager through the National Association of Landscape Professionals. When he is not on the job, you can find him fishing and having a good time.


Nathaniel Leiby

Operations Manager Team 4

Nate has been with Teed & Brown since 2020. He graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in Turfgrass Science and a Masters in Agronomy. Nate has his NY Pesticide Applicator License and is in the process of getting his Connecticut Supervisory License. In his spare time, Nate loves to cook.


Klenio Bitencourt

Head Mechanic

Klenio is from Brasilia, Brazil, Klenio started at Teed & Brown in 2006. At work, his passion is working on trucks and machines, keeping everything humming. Outside of work, he enjoys biking, going to the beach, and traveling to see new places.

Service Areas

Servicing areas throughout Connecticut, New York & New Jersey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do your prices compare?

The unavoidable fact in this business is that you get what you pay for. To hire the best employees we have to pay the best wages. The best fertilizers and seed also cost more than the regular stuff. For these reasons, our prices do tend to be higher than our competitors. We’re happy to perform a free evaluation of your property to show you what a program for your lawn would cost. Then you will be able to decide whether or not a “Teed & Brown Lawn” is within your budget.

What differentiates you from the competition?

Our tagline “Lawn Care for Distinctive Homes” described our business long before we started using it. We provide a higher level of service to people who truly take pride in their home and their lawn. We use the finest products available, hire the best employees, and spare no efforts in trying to make every single lawn a showpiece. It’s true that many firms will make these claims, but we actually deliver. In a recent survey of our clients, the question was asked “What does TEED & BROWN do worse than the competition?” Over 70% of those asked could not think of a single complaint.

Do you mow or rake lawns?

No. We specialize in fertilizer applications and in controlling weeds and insect problems. As our services require a significant level of expertise, we have decided to focus solely on providing those services. There are many competent, reputable landscapers who will be able to provide the other services for you. We work closely with many of them, so if you need a referral, just let us know.

Are your products all organic?

In short, no. This should not be construed to mean that we are environmentally unfriendly however. Organic fertilizers have many benefits, but cannot provide your lawn with protection from crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and insects.