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About Fertilizer

Part of our process is tailoring our approach to the seasons since each season calls for different fertilizer.

For Spring we recommend our fertilizer with Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus which are the macro-nutrients your lawn needs just as Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats are what your body needs. This Spring fertilizer will give your lawn the necessary nutrition to green up and build a strong root system for the coming year.

For Summer we use a heavily organic based fertilizer which is applied to gently feed your lawn through the hotter Summer months. A heavier fertilizer application would promote serious disease problems, so now’s the time to go light. Organic based fertilizers are slowly, naturally broken down and released by the soil microbes. This helps feed not only your lawn, but also the entire soil ecosystem.

Finally, for early fall, after that hot, stressful Summer, your lawn needs a good feeding. The root system is now under stress and the insects have taken a toll. As we enter the cooler Fall months, it’s time to fortify your lawn with all the nutrients necessary to rebuild and reestablish your lawn.