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Winter Season 2023

Winter Wonderland: The Winter Guide.

Winter is here! And while your lawn is the last thing you’re probably thinking of during these few months, it’s something you don’t want to completely ignore. 


What actually happens to your grass during the winter? 

During the winter months, most cool-season grasses enter a dormant stage, which means that they stop growing and lose their green color. This is a natural process that helps the grass conserve energy and survive the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight.
In this dormant stage, the grass is still alive, but it doesn’t need as much water or nutrients as it does during the growing season. During the winter, the soil temperature becomes too low for the grass to produce new growth.
Even though the grass may appear dead or brown during the winter, it should come back to life in the spring when the temperatures begin to warm up and the days start to get longer. It is important to keep this in mind while preparing the lawn during the fall and winter. So, the main goal of the winter lawn care is to keep the dormant grass alive and healthy, so it can come back vigorously during the spring.


Here are some tips to keep your lawn healthy during the cold winter months.

  1. Keep mowing your lawn until the grass stops growing. This will help prevent the buildup of dead grass, which can smother the living grass beneath it.
  2. Rake leaves and other debris off the lawn to precent mold and fungus from growing.
  3. Apply winter fertilizer (included in our program) to provide the lawn with the necessary nutrients to survive the winter.
  4. If you have a mulch mower, perfect time to use it before the snow hits! Finely chopped up leaves and grass clippings can be left on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer.
  5. Avoid heavy foot traffic on the lawn during the winter, as this can damage the grass.



You’ve probably never wondered what fertilizer and pancakes have in common. But we’ve decided to tell you anyway! Join Chris for a 1-minute Lawn tip to learn about the importance of plants sending nutrients down to the roots for winter storage. A side of bacon remains optional.

Winterizer with Christopher Brown Video – Click here